Kathleen Schulz for ACS Director-at-Large


Leadership for Challenging Times

Thank you for electing me! It’s an honor to serve you and the ACS.
As promised, this website will soon be revamped.


This is a challenging time for ACS, its members and their employers.  Recession, high unemployment,  environmental disaster, globalization, intellectual property disputes, major changes in information technology…  The ACS Board must navigate these and as-yet unforseen challenges to provide the best possible service to members and the chemical enterprise.  It’s a tall order!

To provide effective leadership in the face of these challenges, Board members need…

In addition, Board members need to have consistently demonstrated leadership qualities of authenticity, integrity, openness and accountability in their ACS work.


Please consider my qualifications vs. these and other criteria important to you by clicking on the links directly above or the tabs at the top of this page.  To see comments from your fellow councilors, click here. For further, one-on-one communication, please click here.

After review, I hope you will choose to enthusiastically cast one of your two Director-at-Large votes for me.

I would appreciate your vote.


If elected, I will work hard with other Board members and with you to ensure we continue  ”improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry”.

To promote openness and accountability, I will continue this website if elected—providing you with news and updates at least monthly, and retaining the “Your Input” feature.